November News #1

Okay, to start off this news story I would like to say two words,Sins Plus, I have added it into the mod to make the mod have a little more diversity when it comes to planets though I am probably going to remove all the Planet Bonuses from it as I want to make my own. Next I have some questions for you...

  1. What would you like to see done to this mod to make it better(besides new models)?
  2. Any Planet/Planet Bonuses you would like to see(this includes stars as well)?
  3. Finally, what do you think of this mod?

On to further business,
I have partnered up with Sins of the Past to make a wiki for him, in exchange he will help with some coding a few of the more tricky things I can't. Whats going to be done for 1.1 for release.

  1. Finish getting Sins Plus in and working smoothly
  2. Balancing the Pirate Faction better
  3. Prep ideas for 1.2

If you got this far and didn't open up the spoiler then do not answer question #1.

Umm... trying to remember anything I forgot... oh yeah 1.1 release date which will be November 6,2012. Open if you feel the need to know if not then wait for the surprise.

One final thing.... who is psyched for Halo 4 on Tuesday.

That is all, please return to your previously scheduled programming... thank you all for tuning in. :p

October News

First off welcome to my first mod, enjoy or not. If your wondering this mod is something that I use to have a much more challenging A.I. opponent, I do not suggest that you play as the Pirates in v1.0, you can but there are bugs in the tech tree that I am still working out.

Now on to important business:

1. This mod is a not a TC and never will be and do not ask.
2. I would like to see the pirate ships changed but I have no modeling skills so if someone has some that they would like to donate to this mod or create some feel free.
3. This mod is in no way perfect so I am releasing it for further testing as I have reached the end of the line so to speak.
4. I am an avid player for this game so if any mods are looking for help with theirs in the form of testing I will be glad to help, so long as you test mine. Fair is fair right.
5. I like smiley faces so you will see them everywhere. :)
6. Do not hate on me and my skills unless you actually know what you are talking about and have Sins modding skills, because by calling me something you are calling yourself something worse, just trying to help people.
7. As said in the Download the next version will be released next month, and if you are wondering why the release date is TBA, its because the final version hasn't been conceived of yet.
8. There will be new maps in the future and other mods that are incorporated into this one to make it better without creating something that is already there.
9. This is the end of my rant.

Till next time,


edit: if anyone would also like to make some picture for the page please do and send them to me, what I have is good but they could be better.