Version 1.2 ChangelogEdit

  1. Many more string fixes
  2. Balancing
  3. All planet bonuses removed for a new system inspired from a couple of other mods
  4. Re-added Cap-ship factory for pirates
  5. 1 Capital ship complete, 3/5 abilities done/changed and balanced(Only 2 maybe 3 will be in version 1.2)
  6. Pirates now have 3 weapon classes of their own, Ion Beam, Gamma Ray Cannon, and Anti-Matter Missiles
  7. Research trees for all factions have been modified
  8. Pirates are capable of using between star travel and wormhole(probably inacted in a previous version)
  9. New maps
  10. All artifacts will have modified effects, some may have technological unlocks


  1. Finish the Capital ships
  2. Finish the maps
  3. Add more research to the pirate tree
  4. Add starbase plus constructor and all starbase upgrades and their respective researches.

Version 1.15 Changelog Edit

  1. Re-did repair frigate into a carrier and added name
  2. Many technologies now have names/descriptions
  3. All pirate weapon upgrades now only affect lasers/ there is a missile one now as well
  4. Pirates are not capable of going between galaxies/wormholes
  5. Balancing improved between the pirate faction and the others
  6. Increased the max pop on City Planet to 4500, I think, somewhere around there
  7. All planets now have 4 artifact upgrades, most planet bonuses and artifacts can only be found on the first 2
  8. Many String fixes too many to name
  9. Pirate capship factory and ships are removed, don't complain there is a good reason